Shire of Toodyay

Engineering & Technical Services

The Shire of Toodyay is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of most roads within the Shire, as well as other properties and infrastructure it owns. The Shire employs a skilled outside workforce that undertakes most construction and maintenance work. At times, Council will utilise contractors or submit works for tender.

Infrastructure Preservation Plan

Council has adopted an Infrastructure Preservation Plan that enables Council to ensure that future road works programmes take into account the need for preservation in an efficient and effective manner.

Council has in excess of 650 kilometres of roads of which approx. 310kms are sealed, 263kms are gravel sheeted and 91kms are formed only. The roads have been categorised into hierarchy order being regional roads, local feeder roads and local only roads.

In order to preserve these road assets the following criteria has been used.

  • Sealed roads are to be resealed at least every 20 years to maintain the sealed surface.
  • Gravel sheeted roads are to be re-sheeted at least every 15 years to maintain the running surface.

This infrastructure preservation plan is specifically for preservation and does not include any reconstruction or new asset projects.

General enquiries regarding road and drainage matters should be made at the Shire of Toodyay’s Administration Centre.

Access Points

All access points and crossovers to individual lots are subject to Shire approval. Written application for a crossover should include a site plan and is to be lodged at the Shire Office. The Shire of Toodyay’s Engineering Policy E.3 Standards and Specifications-Vehicle Cross Overs sets the specifications for all crossovers and is used for processing crossover applications.