Shire of Toodyay


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Agendas will be placed into their relevant Committee folder when meetings are to be held. Please note: Committee Minutes will be posted five days following the date of the meeting. When this occurs the Agendas are removed. Should you require an electronic copy of an agenda from a Committee Meeting please email

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External Organisations & Boards

Elected Members represent Council on some external organisations and boards.

Current Delegates are as follows:

Group Name


Deputy Delegates
(where applicable)

Toodyay Community Bus

Councillor Greenway


Toodyay Road Liaison Committee & Toodyay Roadwise Committee

Councillor Greenway Councillor Welburn


Avon Midland Zone

Shire President & CEO

Councillor Greenway

Rural Water Council

Shire President & CEO

Councillor Greenway &/or Delegated Officer

Healthy Wheatbelt (elected through Avon Midland Zone)


Councillor D Dow

Wheatbelt North Regional Road Group

Councillor Rayner

Councillor Twine

Toodyay Chamber of Commerce Steering Committee

Councillor Welburn


Wheatbelt District Emergency Management Committee

Councillor Greenway


Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee

Councillor Greenway


Toodyay Community Safety and Crime Prevention Association Inc

Councillor Chitty


Toodyay Community Resource Centre Management Committee


Butterly Cottages Association Inc Committee

Councillor Chitty

Councillor Craddock
Councillor Judy Dow

Avon Tourism Board

Councillor Wood


Development Assessment Panels

Councillor Chitty
Councillor Rayner

Councillor Greenway
Councillor Wood