Shire of Toodyay

Australia Day Awards

Each year two local citizens and one local community group in the Shire of Toodyay area will be eligible for the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards.

The recipients will be selected from people and groups who have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year, or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years through active involvement.

The Australia Day Council of Western Australia (ADCWA) provides three Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards each year for presentation as follows:

  1. Active Citizenship Award.
  2. Active Citizenship Award for a person under 25 years.
  3. Active Citizenship Award for a Community Group or event.

Nomination forms are available from the Council Administration Centre and the Forms section of our website.  

The winners of these awards will have been judged to have shown active citizenship and:

  • Significant contribution to the local community;
  • Demonstrated leadership on a community issue resulting in the enhancement of community life;
  • A significant initiative which has brought about positive change and added value to community life; and
  • Inspiring qualities as a role model for the community.

The eligibility criterion for these Awards is as follows:

  • Nominees should reside or work principally within the Shire of Toodyay;
  • Awards may be granted posthumously in recognition of recent achievements;
  • Groups of people or couples will not normally be eligible except when meeting the criteria for a community group;
  • A person may receive an award on more than one occasion in recognition of their particularly outstanding community contribution or involvement in an alternative initiative;
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be nominated in future years; and
  • Sitting members of State, Federal and Local Government are not eligible.

These awards will be presented at an Australia Day breakfast the Shire of Toodyay will hold in Duidgee Park on Australia Day.

2016 Australia Day Award Recipients

2016 Australia Day Award Recipients
CitizenCitizen (under 25 years)Community Group or Event
Peter Robinson Kristee Jolly Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee

Previous Award Recipients

Australia Day Awards
YearCitizenJunior CitizenCommunity Group  or Event
1992 Athol Donegan Tyrone Power (no recipient)
1993 Eric Patten Annette Martin (no recipient)
1996 Shirley Patten Andrew O’Sullivan (no recipient)
1997 John Campbell Meagan Pearce Op Shop
1998 Brian Wood (no recipient) (no recipient)
1999 Tony Brackenreg Jessica Shilcock (no recipient)
2000 Richard Mathews Steven Cousins Toodyay WA Volunteer Fire & Rescue
2001 Bel Rowe Cory Gale Op Shop
2002 Graham Mills (no recipient) Toodyay Naturalists Club
2003 Jim Bavin Alison Johnson RSL
2004 Dave King Rhys Vallance CAT Appeal Toodyay
2005 Paul Sutton Chris Gillett Butterly Cottages
2006 Richard Walkey Katherine McDougall St John's Ambulance Toodyay Bolgart Sub Centre
2007 Ida Edwards Nathan Welburn Toodyay Theatre Group
2008 Daphne Lee & Ashley Grundy Steven Twomey Toodyay Lions Club
2009 George Murray Ben Jenkins Toodyay Miniature Railway Inc 
2010 George Murray Ben Jenkins Toodyay Miniature Railway Inc 
2011 Pam Tennant Damon Geary St John Ambulance
2012 Mrs Elizabeth Ferguson Miss Melinda Lucas Toodyay Historical Society (Inc)
2013 Gaven Donegan Samantha Salmond Butterly Cottages Association

Cameron Wallis
Mrs Desrae Clarke

Jackson Hansson

Toodyay Agricultural Society (Inc)

2015 Beth Frayne No nomination No nomination
2016 Peter Robinson Kristee Jolly Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee