Shire of Toodyay


AROC stands for "Avon Regional Organisation of Councils."  

Some basic facts are as follows:

Regional Population                       approx.23,671

Area                                                approx. 10,600 sq km

Year of Formation                          1999

AROC MOU                                       Current MOU


Our Member Councils

Toodyay, Goomalling, Northam, Dowerin, Chittering and Victoria Plains


Toodyay  Mr Stan Scott Cr David R Dow  
Goomalling Mr Clem Kerp Cr Barry Haywood  Cr Rolly Van Gelderen 
Northam Mr Jason Whiteaker Cr Steven Pollard Cr Julie Williams
Dowerin Ms Andrea Selvey  Cr Dale Metcalf  
Chittering Mr Alan Sheridan  Cr Gordon Houston Cr Peter Osborn
Victoria Plains Mr Harry Hawkins Cr David Lovelock  
York Mr Paul Martin Cr David Wallace



Our Vision

To work cooperatively for the benefit of the region and well-being of the community.


Our Business

Strategic land use planning; Tourism management and promotion of the regional area; Socioeconomic, environmental and natural resource planning; waste management; Seniors accommodation solutions; centralised information technology and rating systems.


Agendas and Minutes

AROC Meetings are not open to the public however Agendas and Minutes are posted in the public arena.

Click here for AROC Meeting Agendas

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The Minutes of an AROC Meeting and the Notes of a CEO's AROC Meeting are signed off by the Chief Executive Officer (of the Secretariat) and uploaded to the website complete with the relevant attachments (i.e. those that formed part of the agenda including any tabled documentation).

Should you have any queries in relation to the above please click here to send us an email

When the Chief Executive Officer approves these Minutes for distribution they are in essence "Unconfirmed" until the following Avon Regional Organisation of Councils (AROC) Meeting, where the Minutes will be confirmed subject to any amendments.

The "Confirmed" Minutes are then signed off by the Presiding Person.

Attachments that formed part of the Agenda, in addition to those tabled at the AROC Meeting are put together as an addendum to the Minutes/Notes.

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Contact Details - Secretariat

Avon Regional Organisation of Councils (AROC)

C/- Shire of Toodyay, PO Box 96, TOODYAY WA 6566

Telephone: (08) 9574 9305  Email: to email AROC please click here